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Linked Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is key to a successful marketing strategy on the Internet. They create awareness, provide information, and most importantly, drive traffic and create business.  Small, but powerful, banner ads are hard working attention getters, that can turn Web surfers into paying customers in a click of a mouse.  New Jersey Garage Sales provides the following services for your company.

Advertising on our web site has never been more simple, and the reason we can make it affordable to you  is because we have over 700 options to address your business needs. You can advertise here with us for 1 year and pay just a fraction of what you’ll get for a month of advertising elsewhere.  Give us a try for a month or two!

How it works?
When your business signs up to advertise for the year, your business will be guaranteed to be activated in at least 1 town a month, having a sale event published within these towns. Your business also gets listed in a town of their choice for the year.

Advertise your business on a monthly basis and your business gets placed in the town of your choice.  

All businesses advertising on our web site will be
notified by email that their Business banner has been activated in a upcoming sale event.  All sales managers will be copied on these email messages. 

Continuous sale events?
Some towns on our web site have continious sale events running all year round, these towns are excluded from your town choice of pick from above.

Pricing for continious sale events can be provided by contacting us at the phone number below.

Town page advertising - pricing?
Starting @ $10.00 a month

STATE ...._-......WIDE
@ New Jersey Garage.Sales

Seasonal Business Advertising

How it works?
Basically the same concept as mentioned above.
Only now....... your business gets more eyes, in more places. The table below should give you a better understanding on how to get started!

First let's start with how many towns you want to advertise in? Then depending on your budget, see whether you want to advertise on a monthly basis or for the season.

"A Number of Towns/Sale Events" is considered being a (Garage, yard, estate, moving etc.) posted free by the communities throughout New Jersey, on our web site.

A selection of County/Towns, are required in this business advertising section!!

Advertising per season, runs from February thru November.

Number of Towns/Sale Events
Price per Season

How it works?
When you select 2 towns, your business gets advertised in 2 different Sale Events a month published on our web site for the season.

When you select 3 towns, your business gets advertised in 3 different Sale Events a month published on our web site for the season.

When you select 4 towns, your business gets advertised in 4 different Sale Events a month published on our web site for the season. This package comes with 1 free month of advertising on a County page.

County Page Advertising (21)

Select County's
Price per Season

How it works?
21 County pages - Linked Business Banners are rotated as shown below at a few seconds interval. Your individual Business linked Banner, is linked to your Business Web Site and will open as a new window to your Businesses home page.

Preview our Chart here - to see where "Sale Events" have taken place
throughout the entire state of New Jersey, on our web site.


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