Our community web site has been serving the New Jersey communities successfully for 13 years.  Our web site NJ Garage Sales was designed and has been maintained by Fox Media Group LLC since the year 2000.  We’re a NJ community based web site which offers listings for garage sales, yard, estate, moving, tag, fund raisers, flea markets and rummage sales.  Fox Media Group LLC is registered business located in Morris County NJ.

NJGarageSales.com is a premier site (user friendly) for listing and finding local Garage Sales and other events throughout the state of New Jersey. New Jersey Garage Sales; offers an on line internet web service, which allows every community throughout the state of NJ to locate or post their sale(s) free.  All sales are listed and found by County then Town. We have over 700 towns to choose from.

Whether you’re a hunter looking for one specific item, or a seasoned seller who has seen it all, you can find something at NJGarageSales.com to make your next Garage Sale experience even better.



  • How to Post a Sale on NJGarageSales.com web site:


    1. Our web site is unique, in that we allow our customers to post their sale events up to 3 months in advance.
    2. Our policy requires that all sales be posted at least 24 hours before your event, or the sale will not get listed.
    3. Posting sale events earlier gives our posters an opportunity to send in updates, in the case of different finds
      or another family and friends joining in on the fun.
    4. Our "Post Free Sale" form should be filled out and all items being sold should be check marked. For additional
      items to be listed on our web site, see our form at the bottom of this page.
    5. Your personal information is not given out to anyone. If you do not supply at least an email address, your event will not be posted.
    6. You will be contacted by email once you submit your ad to our web site. All updates to your sale can be posted by replying to this email message.
    7. All Sale events are removed from our web site, no later then Tuesday of the following week.
    8. If you have any questions, our cell phone number is listed on our email

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